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While many believers sincerely desire to spend time with God in prayer, few actually do....[MORE]
Price: $5.00
Imprisoned in your Mind

In this power packed message you'll discover how old mindsets with a regenerated spirit will imprison you to fallible perceptions which lead to living...[MORE]

Price: $7.00

Fatal Distractions

Distractions, distractions, distractions! Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard for the believers to press into God? ...[MORE]

Price: $7.00

I Come in the Name of Jesus, Whose Name Do you come in?

I have often wondered do we really possess the power that Jesus Christ has given us and if we say that we do, then why don't we use it....[MORE]

Price: $5.00

Ruth-A Woman of Integrity

Ruth was a woman of integrity who did not compromise her commitment to her mother in law....[MORE]

Price: $5.00

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