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Trials taught me how to war , Tests taught me how to pray , Disappointments taught me how to stand
-Thelma Owens

Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 14, 2011
Blessings Pastor Owens,

Truly you are a tremendous blessing to the Kingdom of God. I pray that God will continue to increase you in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that your life may continue to be a blessing and strength to the Body of Christ. I pray that every attack and agenda of hell fail. I decree and declare that Wait For God and it's family has been blessed and ordained by God, and in His time you will see the fruit from your labor. You are about a good work, like Nehemiah don't come off the wall. God will have the last laugh as it relate to the nay sayers, mockers and scorners. One thing for certain, you are a triple A woman. You have been approved, appointed and anointed by God to legally function in ministry. God will build your ministry because what He ordains, He maintains. Blessings woman of God!

Betty P. Post
December 27, 2010
I am praying that my grandson is born healthy and my daughter do not have a hard labor. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. This is her first child.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 2, 2010
Hi Prophetess Owens,
Just Visiting your site it looks Great, just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today. Please keep me Lady Natalie Walker and My Family and Church Family Lifted up in prayer, as we continue this great journey in ministry. and congratulations on the opening of your Ministry,and we will be lifting you and you ministry up in prayer. Im encouraged to see you going forth in what God has called you to. Be encouraged
and I love you and appreciate all the talks and time in prayer.
Karen R. Post
November 18, 2009
Woman of God, please pray that I stay focused on the will that God have for me and the purpose as well as the reason why I am at this point in my life. Pray that I may have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding I need to stay strong in Him. Pray that I don't get easily distracted by the things that are going on in my life but that I stay focused. Pray that I break free from the strong hold thats trying to keep me captive. I Love My Father and I know that he loves me also so pray that I dont do anything else but the will of my Father, My creator.
P O. Post
August 30, 2009
Father, In the name of Jesus
I pray for my precious sisters and your blessed daughters. Your word declares where there are two or more touching and agreeing you would be in the midst. I pray for households, Father meet every need according to your riches in Glory. I pray that children will be saved because your word declares "the seed of the righteous shall be delivered". I pray for strength in marriages, that the two shall become one flesh. I decree and declare that husbands will love their wives as you love the church. I pray for order in the homes of your people. Father I pray these prayers and all others in the Name of Jesus. I thank you in advance for answering each prayer request that is posted on this website. Show your people miracles, signs and wonders. Amen.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 28, 2009
Thank you woman of God for your prayers, love, and encouragement.
I thank God for the example He has placed in my life, you.
Please continue to pray for my family.
I love you
Always in my prayers
One of your daughters
Patricia M. Post
August 27, 2009
I thank god for you and your ministry and ask you to pray for the salvation of my son and daughter, what I should say to them to not push them away but to let them know what is right. I also request prayer for my other daughter and her husband and children. He is unfaithful to her and she is not using the gift that God has given her to pray and lift up his name. She is always hurting not trusting him and really struggling. I pray for her and try to encourage her to trust God and her marriage. She needs strength and so do I.
May God continue to bless you.
Sharon G. Post
August 21, 2009
I ask that you Pastor continue to keep me and wt household in your prayer and that I always hunger and thirst after God with all my heart and that I always have a heart for God's people,And that I find what is God's will for my life and walk in obidence to Him and I want to thank you for being a true women of God a true disciple for Him and to let you know you been a blessing in our life I pray that God give you your heart desire and send you out to continue reaching the lost by His word and by the Love you have for His people. I Love you Mama O.
. Post
July 9, 2009
I pray for the body of Christ today, that their faith will not fail them. I pray for stength and that God's people would rise above every circumstance that seems difficult in this season. Father, let your people know that this is a season to breakout of old mind sets and religious ideas. I pray that whatever your people put their hands to it will prosper. Your word declares that we can run through a troop and leap over walls, help the body of Christ to stay focus as we wait upon your blessed promised. P.O.
P O. Post
May 22, 2009
Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray a prayer shield around each one of your daughters, I pray that you would blow a fresh wind of your Spirit upon them. Father I pray for the Spirit of advancement to consume them, I pray that they would not crumble under pressure, that they would look to the hills which cometh their help. Help them to know that your are the God that equips them in battle, you teach their hands to war and their fingers to fight. No weapon formed againist them shall prosper and every lying tongue that tries to rise up aganist them shall be condemed. Thank you Father for these precious daughters, fill them up to overflowing. In the name of Jesus I declare and decree that the best is yet to come concerning their lives. Now Father touch them like only you can, heal them the way you know how and deliver them from anything that would hinder them from advancing in the Kingdom of God. In Jesus precious name/Amen.
Prophtress Owens
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