Double Portion Blessings

By Joyce Meyer
Seeing your assignment or project from God to the finish line.
Seeing an assignment or a project from God through to the finish is extremely important.  Many people start things enthusiastically but never finish them, and this is not pleasing to God.  The bible says in Luke 14:28-30 that we should count the cost before we begin to build and make sure we have what will be needed to finish the project.
Elisha was Elijah's servant and had been chosen and anointed to take Elijah's place when he was gone.  As Elijah neared the end of his time on earth, he asked Elisha what he could do for him.  We read in  II Kings 2:9 that Elisha requested a double portion of his mentor's anointing.  Elisha had asked for a hard thing, but was told he could have it if he saw Elijah when God took him away.
I have always felt that Elijah was saying, "if you stick with me until the very end, if you finish what you started many years ago- then you may have what you asked for."  many people ask for things and then are not willing to do what is required of them to have their request granted.  asking is easy, but seeing things through to the finish is not.  Beginnings are exciting, and they come with zeal and enthusiasm.  Many times, in the beginning of an endeavor, lots of people are willing to help.  However, the way becomes tougher when the newness wears off and some of the people who originally committed to help lose interest or grow weary.
We must be able to endure hard work, wait longer for results than we expected to, endure loneliness, betrayal, misunderstanding, and many other unpleasant things if needed.  Jesus endured all these things in order to complete God's will for his life, and we are to follow in His footsteps.  Jesus said, "Take up your cross and follow Me" (see Luke 9:23).  I believe the cross we are called on to carry is the challenge of living an unselfish life.  That means we cannot quit or give up just because we do not enjoy the difficult work of pressing on.  We must live beyond how we feel, what we think or want, and, in the face of hardship, do all that God asks us to do.
Make a decision today that from now on, by God's grace, you will always finish what you start.  It may be cleaning out your closet, or keeping a commitment at church or to a friend.  It could be paying for the things you have purchased or going to a Bible college.  Whatever it is, just do it! God has a double-portion blessing waiting for you, but you will find it at the finish line.
written by: Joyce Meyer
people of God whatever you do, DON'T QUIT!
In His Service
Pastor Owens

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